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EDFI AgriFI committed € 2 million to support the fund Microfinance Solidaire and impact 10,000 farmers, women in particular, by 2025.

Project overview

Microfinance Solidaire SAS, a French company working in close collaboration with the NGO ‘Entrepreneurs du Monde’ financessocial microfinance institutions and social businesses in fragile regions (53% of its portfolio) and is mainly benefitting women (85% of the final beneficiaries).
Microfinance Solidaire SAS is run as an independent profit-making enterprise demonstrating its ability to implement strong social missions in an economic sustainable way.


Funding objective

AgriFI supports the growth of Microfinance Solidaire with long term means to contribute to leverage funding from other investors.
AgriFI  earmarks its funding to increase the volume of microloans offered by its MFI clients/partners towards sustainable agriculture activities through an additional amount of € 2 million by 2025.
AgriFI will measure this impact on final beneficiaries, with a target of at least 10,000 additional beneficiaries by 2025, namely small farmers.

Investment rationale

By providing long-term funding, AgriFI’s key aim is to support further expansion of a proven social business model and to improve its economic sustainability.
Supporting Microfinance Solidaire will enable AgriFI to accompany fragile on their path from subsistence farming to an income generating and sustainable agriculture.

Through its funding AgriFI aims to finance 10.000 additional beneficiaries to lead their sustainable agricultural activities by 2025, most of them women (aligned with EDFI AgriFI commitment on the 2X Challenge).

Key Indicators

Financial Instrument

Junior debt


€ 2 million



Targeted impact

10,000 smallholder farmers