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European Financing Partners (EFP), a joint venture between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and several European Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), is a co-financing vehicle established in 2003 to promote sustainable development of the private sector and strengthen co-operation between eligible European DFIs and the EIB. EFP provides financing to countries included in the OECD DAC list.

EFP’s operational structure is characterised by a fast track, two-step process allowing syndication of large investment amounts in a cost effective manner while sharing the risks with other European DFIs and the EIB. A broad range of sectors are served, the main ones being Industrial, Financial Intermediaries, Communications, Agribusiness and Power, with investments also in the Transport, Pharmaceuticals and Health sectors.

An independent evaluation (Dalberg, 2012) of EFP-financed energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa showed that a DFI provided finance on terms unavailable from commercial lenders, as well as key advisory support.

Since the co-financing facility was established, a total of 62 projects at a value of €822 million have been approved by EFP.

Total funding

+ €822 million

Financing amount per project

Min €1 million
max €45 million


Senior loans, mezzanine debt, equity, quasi-equity and guarantees

Maximum tenor

15 years

EDFI members involved

BIO, Cofides, DEG, Finnfund, FMO, Proparco, Swedfund

Geographical scope


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