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Strategic plan 2024 – 2026




This Strategic Plan represents the collective effort of our diverse team, assembling experience and expertise of the different departments within our company and all relevant stakeholders. We structured it in three sections: Where we are now, Where we want to be and How we do it.


Where we are now

We invest in private companies in frontier markets. Our mission to empower entrepreneurship is deeply embedded in our purpose to take more risk than other investors so that we open doors to markets that are deemed too risky. As a reflection of our vision, investments, guarantees and grants are means to mobilise additional capital and to generate impact. As an impact driven asset manager, we invest, and support European DFIs in their activities in investing, to create jobs, boost growth and fight poverty and climate change.


Where we want to be

Our focus is on: Impact – Our activity is meant to generate impact on the ground by reaching with all our projects signed between 2024 and 2026, 3 million beneficiaries/persons and 425,000 MSMEs. Mobilisation – All our business lines (investments, guarantees, syndications and grants) with the implication of the EDFIs aim at catalysing up to €17 billion. Perennial footprint – our partnership with the European Union and the European DFIs allows us to targe at least €570 million mandate expansion to ensure permanent activity.


How we do it

We put our resources to work at full speed to meet our goals: – by rolling our mandates – Investments – ElectriFI and AgriFI, Guarantees – T&C and MSME platform, Syndications – EFP and ICCF and Grants – Technical Assistance – by raising new mandates – our expertise, results and reliability drive the asset management cycle – raising new funds and mandates and then investing proceeds. Aligned with funders and stakeholders, our network ensures a continuous cycle, making EDFI MC a perennial force for sustainable development. – by strengthening our organisation – EDFI MC will rely on revamped institutional strengths to ensure efficient and effective delivery. In order to have a fit-for-purpose Company, we set clear objectives to be met through specific action lines.

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